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Enjoy The Changing Light Of Day

Natural daylight brings your indoor spaces to life in ways that a simple lamp can’t. Experience the changing light of the seasons and times of day anywhere there’s a Velux sun tunnel.

Natural Light Anywhere There’s A Roof

You can add a Velux sun tunnel light tube anywhere there is 6 m or less between your roof and ceiling. Hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices – the only limit is your imagination!

Improved Design Cuts Installation Time

The new generation Velux sun tunnel has been redesigned from the ground up with a wide range of improvements that make installation faster and easier. Tube assembly time is now cut in half.

Rigid Tunnels Pontllan-fraith TWR/TLR

Product features: Recommended for tunnel lengths from 0.9 to 6 m between the roof and ceiling. The 1.7m long rigid tunnel should be used when greater lengths- in combination with ZTR extension sections- are necessary and to ensure adequate daylight levels are obtained. It is supplied with 2 x 45 degree bends. Can be extended to distances up to 6 m. Rigid tunnels has a diameter of either 35 cm or 25 cm. Super reflective coating along with interior of the tunnel provides a 98% internal reflection rate. An easy-to-assemble diffuser comes complete with a frosted poly carbonate insulating frame. Roof module is with 4 mm toughened glass and a removable sash. The glass is with clear and clean coating on the outside.

  • Rigid Sun Tunnels Pontllan-fraith
  • Flexible Sun Tunnels Pontllan-fraith

The Velux flexible tunnels and rigid tunnels provide installation flexibility. Flex tunnels can be used when the angle between the roof and the ceiling is too small for a rigid tunnel. Rigid tunnels deliver a straight shaft of light for when the ceiling is placed directly under the exterior window.

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